Exercise Motivation Video

  At HealthMoves Physiotherapy in Edwardstown and Mawson Lakes we use the methods described in this video to motivate people to start exercising. It covers ways of thinking and practical tips to help you motivate someone, or to use yourself to… Read more »

Waiters Bow

How Much Exercise is Right

  Be Prepared to Groan Language alert: Bad word coming up. In fact the whole subject is a little off-putting for most of us. Do you groan at the mention of the E-word, let alone doing it? As part of… Read more »

Your Chair May Be Giving You Back and Hip Pain

Standing the New Sitting Smoke-free, sure, we all get that. Sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free. But I’m talking about the new free you need to be. Not pet-free. You can keep Buster, and Lucky. I’m talking chair-free. There is a growing body… Read more »

Shirley Sahrmann on the Lumbar Spine and Hip

Professor Shirley Sahrmann, Physiotherapist, Washington University, speaking a few years ago. This is really for physiotherapists to watch and to try and get their head around. At HealthMoves Physiotherapy in Edwardstown and Mawson Lakes we have had many discussions and group trainings on… Read more »

Night Time Dip Getting On Your Nerve Pain

Night Time Dip Getting On Your Nerve Pain.   I recently posted about disc pain disturbing your sleep. Back related nerve pain can too. I recently had a patient attend for physio from Melrose Park. He had a sharp, burning like sensation… Read more »

Edwardstown Physio Name Change

This post was originally a mail out used to explain our name change which we did in March 2015, after operating as Edwardstown Physiotherapy for 9 years serving the people of Edwardstown, and the surrounding suburbs of Melrose Park, Glandore, Cumberland… Read more »

Back Pain Night Disc-o

Back Pain Night Disc-o. Trying to get a good night’s sleep in Melrose Park, Edwardstown or Mawson Lakes at the moment is hard enough with the overnight temperature in the high 20’s, but if you have back pain, you may… Read more »