Edwardstown Physio Name Change

This post was originally a mail out used to explain our name change which we did in March 2015, after operating as Edwardstown Physiotherapy for 9 years serving the people of Edwardstown, and the surrounding suburbs of Melrose Park, Glandore, Cumberland Park, Black Forest, St Marys, Park Holme and Plympton Park.


Mawson Lakes Physiotherapy has been operating for more than 10 years, serving Modbury, Walkley Heights, Ingle Farm, Pooraka, Parafield Gardens, Wynn Vale and of course the vibrant Mawson Lakes. It will continue under this name, and will share the same web site www.healthmoves.com.au


Edwardstown Physiotherapy Changes Name

to Health Moves Physiotherapy

You’ve probably shopped on it many times. Originally it was called Auction Web. Then the founder tried to make it catchier, by changing the name to Echobay. But the web address had already been taken. So instead we find ourselves spending hours trying to score a bargain on a site called…Ebay.


Can you see yourself in a pair of Blue Ribbon Sports shoes?  We’ll get to their name change in a moment, but first I want to talk about ours.


Our name is changing from Edwardstown Physiotherapy to Health Moves Physiotherapy. This reflects our reach to the wider community, and what the business is about. Our stick man logo will also be replaced by, well, a swirling man? Waving man? Not sure how you describe the figure but that’s it there at the top of the page.


Same place. Same phone number. Same people.  Now with a web site, Healthmoves.com.au. Please sign up to receive our newsletter which you can do at the bottom of the home page. Also follow our blog pages that will have articles written by us on various conditions, health and treatment; read our What hurts? Section, this has information on many of the common conditions we see. Please have a look, let us know what you think. You can also request appointments by email, and see our opening times. Thank you for your support.


Oh, and Blue Ribbon Sports? The company name changed, named after the Greek Goddess of victory, to Nike Inc.


Kind regards

Andrew Scott


Health Moves Physiotherapy