Hip Pain Exercises Video

We recently had a lady from Morphettville attend our physiotherapy Edwardstown Health Moves clinic. She had been struggling with hip pain, and she also had a long history of low back pain.  We often see patients with both low back pain and hip pain. Hip pain often starts in your 50’s and 60’s. Typically the first you know is that the hip starts to feel stiff. Here’s a tip. Address that hip joint stiffness before it develops into something worse. Book in to see a physiotherapist experienced in these conditions. Health Moves Physiotherapy in Edwardstown and Mawson Lakes can certainly help.


The physiotherapy diagnosis for the lady from Morphettville was that the head of her femur, the leg bone, was translating to the front of her hip joint socket, causing pain and irritation. This was made worse by walking and standing. These were some of the exercises she performed.


Initially she felt no relief. But she stuck to the exercises and after one week started to improve. She was then reviewed again at four weeks. At this time the hip pain had gone completely, and her back pain had also improved. She had greater muscle control of her hip extension, which unloaded the front of her hip joint, and reduced the amount of extension load on her lumbar spine. The lady from Morphettville was happy to continue with her physio exercises and think more about how she moves.