You will be assessed by a highly trained and experienced physiotherapist. You will be asked about your current condition, how you have been in the past, and your past medical history. Relevant factors such as your work or general activities will also be discussed. This will guide the physical assessment of your condition as the physiotherapist begins to form an understanding of what’s going on with you.

Your physical assessment may involve various movements and tests to determine the nature of your condition and the structures at fault. Your physiotherapist will work with you to form a treatment approach. This may involve hands on treatment, such as joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy or soft tissue massage, and could include strengthening, looking at the way you move, or education on various factors contributing to your condition, and you may be given exercises to do at home. The diagnosis can evolve as you and your therapist begin to treat and re-assess your condition. You will be shown ways to prevent your problem from happening again.