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As an official registered NDIS Provider Mawson Lakes Physiotherapy is able to provide our NDIS Community with a range of physiotherapy services both in the clinic as well as in the home. As physiotherapists we can use a range of skills to help our clients with movement, with strength, and balance. We can help with muscle tension, increase mobility of joints and can help with pain relief.

We can assess the need for equipment and aids in the home and arrange for this. We are experienced at report writing and will communicate with the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Medical Professionals and Support Workers as necessary.


What we offer

We have a small team of physiotherapist able to offer clients personalised care. We aim to work with you, the client, and any members of your support team, medical professionals and family that assist in your care to assess your needs.

We can provide hands on physiotherapy. We have height adjustable treatment tables. Our techniques include soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, acupuncture or dry needling. We can provide home exercise programs, movement education, and balance exercise.


A Physiotherapist is able to work with clients in our gym. We can provide a strength and mobility program and work with clients on a one to one basis to achieve goals. We have an easy to adjust pin loaded multi-gym. We can utilise light free weights, such as dumb bells, gym ball exercises, floor exercises, and have a Pilates Reformer.


Visits to a clients home can be arranged.


NDIS Participant Forms and Policy Information

The following forms and information are for participants in the NDIS. These are here to help participants understand their rights and the ways that they can report a complaint or incident.


At Mawson Lakes Physiotherapy we do our best to help people. But sometimes, you, or someone else, might not be happy with us.  You might not be happy with some of our services and supports, or the way that you were spoken to. As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider you have the right to make complaints about our services and supports at any time.  If you want to make a complaint, we want to help you to make it quickly and easily, and without stress. We will do our best to deal with any complaint fairly and without delay. This Complaints Management document explains how to make a complaint to us, and to the NDIS Commissioner and others, about us. If you feel comfortable, you are encouraged to raise your concern or complaint with your provider at Mawson Lakes Physiotherapy first, as this is often the best way to have your issue resolved quickly. At the end of the document is a Complaints Form you can also use.


To download, click on the form.

Complaints Management 


Incident Management


Incident Report Form