Dear All   Your life has no doubt been affected in some way by the spread of the novel coronavirus. As the situation changes and new information is processed, new guidelines and restrictions follow. Here in the clinics at Mawson… Read more »

Neck Related Headaches

Here Mawson Lakes Physiotherapy’s Paul Ngo shares a few thoughts on neck pain and how it can contribute to headaches. With February officially behind us, the festive holiday season seems like a distant past, as most of us finally settle back into… Read more »

De-frosting Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, is something we see a lot of at Health Moves Physiotherapy in Edwardstown and Mawson Lakes Physiotherapy. Frozen Shoulder sounds unpleasant. Ask anyone who’s had one and they’ll agree it is. It also takes a… Read more »

Pregnancy and Abdominal Separation

Abdominal Separation All pregnant women will have some amount of abdominal separation (diastasis recti). So it’s normal. In recent weeks at Health Moves Physiotherapy Edwardstown I have seen 2 women with this condition. And the abnormally wide distance that can be present at 8… Read more »

Hip Pain Exercises Video

We recently had a lady from Morphettville attend our physiotherapy Edwardstown Health Moves clinic. She had been struggling with hip pain, and she also had a long history of low back pain.  We often see patients with both low back pain and hip pain. Hip… Read more »